The truth about confidence when you date a Russian woman

August 21, 2021 at 9.03am by in Dating advice
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Perhaps you know this already, but many people on social media are very judgmental about other people’s looks: “You look so pale.” “You have to fix your teeth.” “What happened to your skin?” Sadly, a lot of individuals allow those comments to upset them because they feel very insecure. Actually, most people who write negative comments on social media live terrible lives because they even have time for that! Therefore, you shouldn’t be affected by those opinions. Frankly, several years ago, I responded to every comment on social media because I thought I should do that, yet after seeing how meaningless social media comments are, I don’t even respond nowadays. These days I feel like 3,000 people have left the venue if I can use this analogy! What a relief. Look, Instagram literally promotes competition with others; consequently, many Instagram users feel unhappy and even depressed. Hence, I’d like you to build a confident core that cannot be rocked by any social media nonsense, thereby helping you attract the right Russian woman.

  • How to cultivate a rock-solid and unshakeable core:

First and foremost, you need to have a big world. Remember: whenever you worry about not being good enough, usually it’s because you are too deep into one single track, e.g., looks, achievement, popularity, etc. Those things have an outsized significance; as a consequence, your confidence is linked to them in an unhealthy way.

As I see it, the best way to cope is to have a big mental world. That means you should have many friends who live dramatically different lives. Go to places where people come from totally different backgrounds. Read books about individuals who pursue wildly different things. Learn skills and knowledge that energize you.

According to my experience, the world is richer than the unnecessary concerns that I have whenever I do that. Comparison is meaningless because the world doesn’t even care the status game. This world has so much more to be stoked about than simply competing for popularity and perfection.

Basically, having a huge world gives you a bigger perspective and stops you from being obsessed with your weird anxieties.

Second, you may consider changing your role models in life. 

I often think about wealth creation a lot when I spend a large amount of time with people who are driven by wealth creation alone. Frankly, that is quite useful if I need to boost my ambition, which is totally fine. Nonetheless, it’s an issue if that’s my only tribe. Likewise, what you watch on TV and what you read also influences you tremendously under the radar. The ideal way to cope is to find role models who have very different qualities that actually matter to you in life.

For example, personally, I have found a variety of role models for health, humor, art, spirituality, creativity and intellect. Whenever I discover different role models, I always realize there are many different aspects of myself that I should cultivate. Meanwhile, I also begin to learn what I genuinely value. Yes, values can be found!

I have listened to Christiane Northrup’s CD, read Tosha Silver’s books, enjoyed Shani Silver’s podcast, went to Michael Johnson’s live event and hired a mentor. I’ve expanded my outlook in a tremendous manner in this way. As a result, I know the key is to choose the lifestyle that actually serves me best rather than a lifestyle that serves everybody else.

Next, you would be well-advised to build a life that renews your true confidence each day rather than a life that totally drains your core confidence.

When you don’t really have a very stable core, you will surely worry about what everybody else thinks about you. But in reality, most people don’t have the time to think about you because they are busy thinking about themselves and their own problems!

I won’t talk about the woo-woo deep inner work here, but I’d like to point out that you have to feel that you are absolutely entitled to demand your worth on this planet at the bottom of your heart and soul. Nobody can take away your worth.

Nobody can fix themselves with lifestyle and looks. Of course, these things will certainly make this journey a bit easier. Nevertheless, people who have those things are aware of the fact that their inner confidence could be shaken as they might experience imposter syndrome, jealousy, self-doubt and anxiety – they feel very unworthy in romantic relationships, for merely having these things is far from enough.

Yes, you can have the right body, the right job and the right hobbies & still feel anxious. Many men who have all of those still can’t find true love. Obviously, deep core confidence is the single most important thing that actually makes you feel right and whole.

When you are in a challenging situation (which is inevitable because no matter which pathway you choose, it’s not going to be easy), you definitely need an inner voice which always tells you everything you are genuinely worth. This gets you back on track quickly. Your core confidence helps you endure difficult times and get through the pain, disappointment, grief, dread or failure that you may have to go through anyway.

  • Be the leader that you need.

Whenever you are in a tough situation, you have to stand up for yourself and be your own leader rather than a worrier. You are clearly worthy of a place at the table in life, no matter you live up to other people’s idea of perfection or not.

So, you may want to change the way you talk to yourself from now on. You are your own teammate rather than a critic. You are your own ally rather than a pointing finger.

When you find your inner confidence, high-value Russian women will automatically find you very attractive.

“Russian women like men who are truly confident.”

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