This is the best time for online dating

online dating

These days things aren’t easy (COVID-19, economic recession, unemployment, etc.); however, research shows that there has never been a better time for online dating than right now.

  • Let’s move into a place of power!

I know nowadays it’s very easy to get mired in the muck of it all – it’s indeed a challenging time for most people because almost everyone’s life is affected by the pandemic right now. Yet we can shift our perspectives by asking “What’s good about this?” Well, clearly, in my opinion, this is the most romantically-rich era in history.

First, single men and single women are sitting on their sofas and wondering, “Why am I alone during the lockdown?” Single people have a chance to evaluate their past, their choices in their lives, the decisions they have made as well as the results of their actions. A lot of people have realized that romantic relationships are paramount because… What use is success when you are alone at home? In my view, if you’d like things to be different in future, you would be well-advised to do something different by investing in yourself and your love life. 😉

Second, there has been no other era when people have access to so many like-minded individuals at their fingertips – although you probably can’t physically meet your lady right now, you can chat with her online! Since currently, people cherish real relationships so much more; consequently, shallow connections are literally over. Now if you meet a lady that you admire, you must create a genuine connection with her in the first place. 😊

  • Should you begin to behave differently?

When you evaluate your past again, can you identify a pattern? I mean if your previous relationships weren’t successful, perhaps there is a pattern that stopped you from achieving the ideal love life that you desire. For example, Josh realized that he was merely dating the same woman again and again: same woman, different faces/haircut. It never worked for him. That conclusion hit him like a ton of bricks, so he decided that he must hire a dating coach. He started to pour his energy into learning more about female psychology and romantic relationships. Now he knows why he was attracted to those women and figured out his pattern. More importantly, he wanted to break his pattern. The pain of being with the same woman repeatedly was overwhelming; hence, something must change in Josh’s world.

  • You can change your point of attraction.

Previously, Josh had a list of standards that his girlfriend was supposed to meet. Amongst those 10 standards, 8 of them were about a woman’s looks. Now Josh has rewired what he used to be attracted to. Superficial women turn him off instantly today. As he has upgraded his mindset about dating, relationships and love, he clearly knows what he deserves and what he is worthy of. As a result, the universe is rewarding him for his new behavior.

Yes, the change is so incredible; nonetheless, that doesn’t surprise anyone because Josh is a high achiever – when he started his business, he worked hard and built a successful business; when he decided to work on his fitness, he went to the gym every day and became the fittest guy in his social circle. Thus, the same is true here: When Josh puts his attention on the subject of dating and relationships, he has a brand-new love life.

Never settle for less. You get what you always think about, so you might as well think better thoughts! If you know you have work to do around what you are attracting, you are probably ready to read a dating book that can teach you a thing or two.

I know how deeply worthy of love you are. If you are reading this blog today, you are ready for love. Remember: love is the most important part of life. Don’t miss out on that!

“Now is the best time for online dating!”

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