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May 21, 2021 at 7.42am by in Dating advice
Russian women

Personal development isn’t just about learning new information; it’s also about unlearning old limits. If you walked away from an abusive, dead-end, negative relationship, you are the winner. Are you ready to date a Russian woman who is respectful, kind and elegant?

The power of your inner pilot light:

Don’t dim your light in the face of adversity. The world has slowed down so that you can rediscover and reinvent yourself. Rumination is suffering for no reason. You can decide to stop it. Your past doesn’t need you. Your future needs you. You can choose what to focus on now.

If you need to convince someone to choose you, love you or prioritize you, that person already doesn’t want you. It’s time to look for the right Russian woman who cherishes you.

Instead of looking for your passion, why not generate your own passion?

Do your choices reflect your hopes or your fears? Choose courageously and wisely.

Four things to let go of today: 1) people-pleasing; 2) codependent habits and behavior; 3) watching the news; 4) making excuses for yourself and other people. If something doesn’t bring you joy, peace and love, stop engaging with it. Thoughts become things. Don’t feed your brain with poison. Fill your brain with positive information and good energy.

Say goodbye to your past; say hello to your future – build a compelling future with your Russian woman.

You can’t carry your old stories, fears and anxieties into your new reality and expect to receive something new. When you start a business/relationship, your make your own rules, principles and world.

Gratitude is the ability to see love and light in the little things in life. Russian women genuinely value gratitude. What are you grateful for today?

There are individuals less qualified and less capable than you, doing the things that you want to do, only because they choose to believe in themselves. So, what are you waiting for?

Three alternative ways to meditate: 1) walking in nature; 2) reading a good book; 3) writing a journal entry.

Stop trying to fix problems. Simply fix your thinking, and then problems fix themselves. Whenever you have a negative thought, say this to yourself, “You don’t have time for that!” When your hands are busy catching blessings, you don’t have the capacity to hold onto grudges and resentment.

Three rules for success: 1) There are no mistakes, only lessons. 2) A lesson will definitely be repeated until it is actually learned. 3) Learning doesn’t end.

The moment you realize and acknowledge your worth, you start to attract people who respect your worth and can see your worth. It all begins with you. The best way to predict your future is to proactively build it. It’s time to let go of your old story so that you and the universe can co-author a new story for you. Those who have a growth mindset never stop learning. Are you willing to outgrow yourself?

Three attributes of a good friend: 1) they are totally honest with you even when the truth isn’t pretty; 2) they support you in new and exciting adventures; 3) they lift you up with sparkling happiness.

If something is on your mind all the time, it will appear in your reality because you are a real magnet.

You don’t need other people’s opinion of you because only your opinion of yourself truly matters. Three essentials for personal growth: 1) new habits; 2) more learning; 3) believe that you can evolve.

When you no longer punish yourself for your imperfections, that is a true sign of tremendous progress in your personal development journey. Remember: the sky is never the limit. The real limit is the mind. Your mindset is paramount. When you are able to say no to your hold habits and behavior that made life hard, it’s a real sign of progress in your personal growth journey. Fear tricks people into living a boring and mediocre life. Love helps you to live a satisfying and rewarding life. After figuring out what you want, you also need to ask for what you want. You can’t get what you don’t ask for.

“Don’t dwell on your past. Your future is not in your past. Your past doesn’t exist. It only exists in your head. It’s time to build a future with your Russian woman.”

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