The Truth about Dating Women from Russia

December 22, 2019 at 10.54am by in Slavic Women
woman from Russia

Russian women are well-known for their beauty, femininity and honesty. A good Russian wife supports her husband, but she doesn’t tell him what to do all the time. Their charisma is a positive energy.

Love-at-first-sight is a joke.

When you are on a Russian dating site, don’t believe in “love at first sight”, please. You have seen a woman’s photo, but that’s just a photo. Men shouldn’t take the intuitive whilst in the initial phase of a relationship. A woman has to prove herself before you invest in her further.

A woman’s confidence is a good sign. If she says, “Come to Russia and take me on a date. I’m worth the trip”, then you know she is a confident woman because she shows interest in you with attitude.

If you are looking for a Russian wife, you must know how to transition into a relationship so that the woman you are dating knows this is going to be a serious, meaningful, long-term relationship with you.

In this case, don’t sell her a relationship. Remember: she loves to buy a relationship, but she hates to be sold a relationship. Also, don’t give her all the benefits of a relationship until she is in one. You must have standards and stick to your standards. If she violates your standards, you need to say, “I don’t like that” or “I don’t want that.”

Show her that having a relationship with you is a shared adventure. You should expect the best of her. You can talk about your ideal woman, “I love it when someone is like this” or “My ideal person is a kind and generous woman.”

You can also pay her a compliment, “That’s what I love about you. You are not worried about what others think.”

If you meet her in person and she takes you to a party where her friends are making fun of her, you say, “I like you so much for that” and give her a kiss. See her potential and support her because a Russian woman wants a guy who believes in her.

Show multi-dimension – you are an attractive guy who kicks ass!

A typical Russian lady is classy with your family and fun with your friends – that’s the right Russian woman you want to keep. Of course, you can’t sell something you don’t believe in – you must believe relationships are positive yourself!

If she can’t meet your needs, she is not the right woman and you lose nothing.

Attract the right lady that you’ve always wanted.

Before you go to Russia to meet your lady, you can say this to yourself, “I’m going there to see if I like her. I’m curious.” Say this to her, “You look interesting.” This will make her start to earn that label.

Remember: women are attracted to certainty, meaning you show that you want the best for yourself; you are your best friend; you will look after yourself (so you are not needy); you have unconditional love for yourself.

The right woman has to meet all of your needs. Is this Russian lady able to meet your needs? If not, there is nothing to lose – you can leave.

Women from Russia are extremely feminine. She never stops being a girl because she knows men want to serve women due to the male ego! That’s why she is feminine emotionally, mentally and physically. She will occasionally tell you “You make me feel safe” and “I miss you so much” when you are in a relationship with her.

Of course, the right woman and you must have the same value systems. But now the question is: How do you tell a woman’s values?

My answer is – you can prepare some intelligent questions to ask her:

“What was your favorite moment in your whole life?”

“Why was that moment your favorite?”

“What is the most uncool/least cool thing about you?”

“What is something really geeky you are into?

“If you can wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you like to wake up?” “Why?”

“If you/we have a day off tomorrow, what would you/we do?” “Why?”

“What is your favorite thing about being a teacher/accountant/musician?”

“What is the best thing to ask a dancer?”

“OK. So, who is your favorite singer?”

“What is the most embarrassing song you listen to when nobody is around?”

Why is that your favorite film?”

Note that “what” is logical, whereas “why” is emotional.

How to keep a Russian lady:

If you are dating a Russian woman and you really want to keep her, here’s my advice:

Always assume she is really into you!

Say this to your Russian lady, “You’ve been missing me, haven’t you? I can feel it. I can tell from your voice.” Alternatively, you can say this to her, “I missed you today and that surprised me. Where were you?” (say it playfully).

Also, you should totally say this to her, “You know what I like about you? I like you are always upbeat.”

Remember: If you show off something, you are very likely to be used by women. For instance, if you show off your money (or money that you don’t really have) in order to impress a woman, she will possibly try to use you for money and you might end up fighting for money all the time – that will end the relationship in record time.

Last but not least, you should totally show respect for yourself. If you don’t even show respect for yourself, how can someone else respect you? It’s time to pay attention to your appearance – hair, clothes, etc. are important. Please take pride in your appearance. Also, your breath is so important! A lot of women leave their men simply because they couldn’t put up with bad breath anymore. But they don’t know how to tell their men! Therefore, you must use gum or mint regularly. Always brush your teeth in the morning and at night. Floss daily. You must have nice, minty and fresh breath at all times, so it’s a good idea to keep a gum or mint in your pocket all the time.

A bonus tip: Look at your “love pattern”. If there is something going on for three times, it’s not an accident. It means something in you must be changed.

The thoughts you think influence how you feel, thereby influencing your actions and results. Thoughts lead to feelings; feelings lead to actions; actions lead to results.

If you don’t believe something, your eyes will miss it. You are willing to grow because you are investing in yourself by joining a Russian women dating site. Note that most international dating sites promote serious relationships rather than casual flings these days, so you probably need to ask yourself, “Am I willing to commit to a deep, committed relationship?” If you hesitate, you are scared of getting hurt.

You may also ask yourself, “What beliefs do I need to change in order to attract my life partner?” & “What positive patterns have I created for myself?” & “What negative patterns do I see?” & “What qualities do I need to develop as a man to attract the woman I want?” (e.g. courage and self-love) & “What skillsets do I need to learn?”

“Having boundaries and standards will make you a more attractive guy.”

  • khan

    But remember the main thing: you don’t need to have too many boundaries and standards, otherwise it will be the opposite.


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