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August 25, 2020 at 1.20am by in Slavic Women
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After working in the international dating industry for so many years, I’ve summarized some key ideas for people who are looking for love online. Today I spoke with a Ukrainian woman who is looking to marry a western man. She has asked me to share my thoughts on women’s confidence in dating and relationships with the audience on this blog so that men can have a better understanding of what women are actually thinking about in love and in life.

My honest and unconventional advice for this single Ukrainian lady looking for love:

In actuality, men like makeup; they just don’t know it. You don’t have to have a perfect face, but you have to have energy in your face, and makeup adds energy to your face with clear definition and color.

Makeup provides women with a sense of control over physical appearance, thereby boosting women’s confidence.

Now I’d like to talk about something that could be controversial – cosmetic surgery. Note that there is a difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. Personally, I’ve never had any plastic surgery, but I’ve had cosmetic surgery. Basically, plastic surgery is more about the reconstruction of facial and body defects, whereas cosmetic surgery is more about enhancing appearance through medical and surgical techniques. As I see it, cosmetic surgery doesn’t change your features, it only improves your features. Life is short, so I think I should totally enjoy my body and face when I still can!

Apart from that, men also respond to colors and motion. Let me explain.

Have you noticed that young boys like toys that are best characterized by colors and motion? When boys become men, men like women who bring colors and motion (colors: women who wear red and hot pink clothes; motion: women who wear big earrings / dresses / skirts or women with long hair). Because men can’t wear most of these things themselves, that further builds the sexual tension and attraction.

Next, in order to look confident, you must perfect your posture because your posture tells the world how to treat you from sight alone. Men can tell whether you are excited, happy, angry, upset, depressed, anxious, feeling successful or feeling unsuccessful by your posture. Perfecting your posture isn’t hard – all you need to do is to stand tall, shoulders back, back straight & walk with your head up.

How to think confidently as a single Ukrainian lady looking for love:

The secret sauce of attraction is sparkling happiness which allows you to think confidently. A woman who sparkles with happiness is a real man magnet.

Why do people enjoy dating and relationships? Obviously, people want relationships to add happiness to their lives. If you are always complaining about your mom, your boss or your neighbor, men know you are unhappy and can’t add happiness to their lives.

Yes, happiness attracts more love and male attention. It also helps you think confidently. When you radiate happiness, you think confidently at the same time.

A happy woman generates a wattage of excitement and confidence. Research shows that men fall in love with confident women during excitement more than at any other time. When you generate your own wattage of excitement and confidence, you are a guaranteed man magnet.

Now you may wonder how to think confidently and radiate happiness. Well, this is what you will do: From now on, every morning, you dance to the music at home! Do that before you leave the house every day and see what happens. Chances are you will behave confidently, think confidently and radiate confidence throughout the day.

If you think confidently and radiate happiness, men feel you must be a special woman, so they want to be close to you, hoping your happiness and confidence will rub off on them somehow. Unlike money, men don’t mind receiving happiness and confidence from you as a present that requires no return. Men think you are beautiful! And yes, you are.

How a single lady from Ukraine practices confidence:

Modern psychology suggests that you can choose to smile as if you are confident and happy, and this act will literally lead to a happier and more confident mindset.

In order to practice confidence, I’d like you to have an attitude of happy anticipation and expect good things to happen in your life. Choose happiness. Express confidence. Sparkle is your personality projection.

When a man pays you a compliment, just accept it gracefully. Don’t roll your eyes and shrug it off. Just. Own. It. You deserve it. Maintain eye contact, smile and say, “Thank you.” This indicates a secure sense of self-worth and true confidence.

Now if you’d like to build massive attraction with the guy who has paid you a compliment, you can pay a compliment in return. Say something along the lines of, “Oh, I think you look like Leo DiCaprio” and enjoy his reaction! Please note that most men rarely receive any compliments about their looks from women because most women are too afraid to pay men compliments like that. As a result, this compliment will become extremely memorable – I can almost guarantee that this guy will think about you for a very long time at night.

Lastly, I have to point out something that most dating gurus don’t want to share (I do apologize if this isn’t something that you want to hear): If you had bad relationships in the past, you should not talk about how bad it was with your new boyfriend. Here is why – when you talk about how badly your ex was treating you, in your new boyfriend’s subconscious mind, two things will happen:

  1. He will possibly think you are a loser.
  2. He will probably think… “Since you allowed that guy to treat you in that way, why can’t you allow me to treat you like that? Does that mean you don’t love me enough?”

I know this doesn’t sound pleasant, but that’s just human nature. And that explains why many women experience terrible relationships one after another. Therefore, my suggestion is: If your new boyfriend asks questions about your previous relationships, try to say less and focus on what you have now as well as your future.

The myth about confidence in dating and relationships:

The most common myth about confidence in dating & relationships is positive thinking. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against positive thinking. I think that’s a brilliant idea. But the truth is there is a major difference between feeling good and having core confidence.

I know many people reading books about Law of Attraction, which is great because Law of Attraction is about feeling positive emotions before great things happen in reality. I have nothing against that. Yet most people don’t take action to implement what they have learned from books. So, their reality stays the same, let alone their core confidence.

“Your external confidence significantly influences your internal confidence.”

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