Ukrainian women’s thoughts on relationships, mental health and an alter ego

May 19, 2022 at 9.16am by in International Dating
Ukrainian women

Ukrainian women strongly believe that the quality of relationships in your life determines how happy you are in general. A study shows that every mental health problem has something to do with relationships. Don’t ignore the importance of relationships in your life.

  • Can you make difficult but important decisions?

If you are struggling due to a toxic relationship in your life, you’d better make a difficult but important decision – you have to end the toxic relationship. Remember: hard choices, easy life; easy choices, hard life.

When there is an energy vampire in your life, the easy way to handle the situation is to allow the energy vampire to stay there. Sadly, this causes a hard life. By contrast, making a difficult decision (ending the toxic relationship) is the ideal way to have an easier life. That means even if the energy vampire is a family member, you still must make the hard decision – yes, that includes your family as well because you are the most important person in the universe.

You only have one life and you are only here once, so keeping an energy vampire in your life is the last thing that you want to do when you are here. You are 100% responsible for your confidence and your happiness.

  • The truth about friendships:

Friendships are high-level relationships: You choose to be each other’s friends because you share the same value system. Your friends are people that you like authentically. A friendship is very, very different from a romantic relationship / a business partnership in which you obviously want something from each other. We can’t imagine a romantic relationship without intimacy or a business partnership without money.

In an authentic friendship, you don’t want money or intimacy from each other. That is exactly why a friendship is a spiritual, high-level relationship that you have to cherish.

  • The truth about education:

You must invest in yourself by investing in your education. Real and down-to-earth education starts after you finish school / university. Investing in your education can be reading books, hiring a mentor, studying an online program, and so forth.

You have to become your own best friend. When you wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say this to yourself, “You and I are teammates. I love you. Thank you!” Keep doing this for 21 days and you will see the difference.

Don’t say harsh things to yourself. Always be kind to yourself. The stories that you tell yourself regularly shape your personality which is also your personal reality.

Because you are reading this blog post now, I know you are a strong-minded person, a dominant thinker, a decisive action taker, an opportunity snatcher and a high-vibrational being.

A company has its vision statement or mission statement, so its employees can follow that statement and demonstrate the right behavior accordingly. Similarly, a person can also have an identity statement which clearly states who this person is. An identity statement informs this person’s thoughts, behavior and feelings.

Your identity statement is who you are. Before you write down your identity statement, think about who you want to be, and then become that person!

In reality, psychology can only treat the symptoms of mental health issues, which is very valuable and absolutely necessary. But psychology can’t cure the root cause of mental health issues; interestingly, literature, art and religion can cure the root cause of mental health issues, although things like literature, art and religion don’t seem to be extremely useful in a modern society where a business mindset is the priority.

“You can change your identity. You can have an alter ego. Your identity is important because it takes the thinking out of life. You simply write down your identity statement & put your identity statement somewhere you can see every single day and then remind yourself that this is who you are. Many Ukrainian women have done that already.”

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