Ultimate advice for western men looking to meet Eastern European women online

February 22, 2020 at 2.53pm by in International Dating

Online dating has made meeting someone new seductively easy nowadays. You see someone you are interested in & you send them a message instantly without even having to go through a face-to-face interaction at the beginning. That’s okay. Yet when emailing and texting is a substitute for really going out and meeting others, online dating could become a challenge as internet daters might forget how to exercise their social muscles. Therefore, before you start to look for an Eastern European woman on the Internet, remember that the true goal is to go on dates in reality rather than sit on your sofa sending someone text messages on the Internet. The fantasy of what someone might be like when you talk to them online is possibly meaningless unless you really progress to the point of meeting that person in real life.

Online dating can only solve a part of the process.

Internet dating can only offer you potential dates. It cannot help you attract or keep an Eastern European lady. By that I mean you’ll have choices if you join an international dating site. However, you still have to learn how to attract an Eastern European woman and how to keep her forever.

A lot of internet daters become too fussy while poring over online dating profiles as they suddenly have too many options on a dating website. When you look for someone to match every single one of your criteria, you might stop giving women a chance. My suggestion is you would be well-advised to throw the net wide & meet lots of people first as when you give more women opportunities to connect with you, you’re giving yourself more chances to find true love quickly as well.

I know reading through a lot of online dating profiles might look like you’re meeting a large number of people, but most online daters are probably eliminating potential partners based on the flimsiest of pretexts. That’s absolutely unnecessary, in my view.

As I see it, you shouldn’t make joining a dating website your only method; you shouldn’t completely give up offline dating, for statistics show that at least 55% of men and women still meet their partners through school and work or an introduction made by a friend or a family member. Hence, online dating could be an add-on instead of your only way. Of course, I understand that you are probably looking for an Eastern European bride if you are reading this article right now and you possibly don’t have access to Eastern European ladies in real life, which is understandable. In that case, perhaps online dating is the only method, which is fine.

Having said that, please don’t stop going out completely. Online dating works best when it is combined with offline dating, because you never know when you will meet the right woman in reality. Therefore, don’t let being online make you miss those valuable chances.

By the way, if you’re rejected by somebody on an international dating site, you need to understand that it’s very normal. If you think everybody must like you, you would be a narcissist. Realistically, it’s impossible to avoid rejection. Usually approximately 15% of the population will dislike you or give you a rejection no matter what you say or do. So, you should just be okay with that.

Dating profile advice:

First and most important, you must keep your online dating profile brief. Because of the nature of my work, I know great advertisers understand that a brief headline & punchy ideas are usually more effective and powerful than saying too much. Honestly, saying too much could be boring or even annoying.

On an international dating site, when Eastern European women first notice your dating profile, they are not even looking at the details, they’re buying into the idea of who you are. In actuality, the more details you offer other people, the more reasons you offer them to reject you.

Having said that, I’m not saying you should totally give little information so others know nothing about you. I mean you’d better strike a balance between providing sufficient information to give Eastern European women a good sense of you, versus keeping your dating profile simple enough so people are not distracted by 30 other notifications popping up on Facebook, Twitter and Skype at the same time.

In fact, once Eastern European ladies have a sense of who you are, they will automatically fill in the blanks by themselves. That is called the forest fire effect, i.e. when people have a sense of you, they will start to associate you with other traits and qualities: if the first 3% of you looks attractive, other people will use it to build an attractive image of the other 97% they don’t know.

Incidentally, the ideal way to brag about yourself in your online dating profile is to talk about how your friends and family members would describe you. For example, “My family and friends would say I don’t have difficulty getting attention from ladies. Nevertheless, in reality, it’s rare that I meet the type of lady I really want to be with.” Now you show a positive quality, i.e. you are popular and you are in demand. Nonetheless, you distance yourself from it as well (you are not too direct in terms of bragging about yourself in this example).

Enjoy online dating and meet Eastern European ladies effortlessly.

Quite frankly, the most effective way to use an international dating website is to treat it as a directory. Your real goal should be to meet someone in person, not to chat on the Internet for the rest of your life. Having a real date with someone you are attracted to should be your real goal. You may feel that there is a true connection, for you seem to have many things in common. But it’s quite important to confirm this through text messages.

The 1st text message you send to an Eastern European woman online can be a comment on something you’ve noticed on her profile. For instance, you can mention her favorite movie or her favorite music: “I saw that your favorite movie is Revolutionary Road, and I truly want to commend you for being the only individual here who has this excellent taste.”

Who can resist a nice comment like this?!

This type of text messages builds more intrigue than simply saying, “Hey, how are you today?” Thus, you may stand out from the crowd immediately.

After building a mutual understanding and a genuine connection online, you should consider going to Eastern Europe to meet your lady in person. Because Simply Dating is an international dating platform which specifically introduces Eastern European ladies to western men for long-term, meaningful and serious relationships and marriages, you would be well-advised to take this seriously – this is NOT a casual dating site. Simply Dating is for individuals who are actually serious and looking for true love rather than casual hookups. Consequently, if you are looking for a fling, Simply Dating is NOT for you. We interview every Eastern European lady before they join Simply Dating – that’s how serious we are!

“Simply Dating is for people who are looking for serious relationships only.”

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