Valuable insights into international dating: What turns a woman off?

September 15, 2020 at 10.38am by in International Dating
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When women are in the world of dating, they are more intuitive and sensitive, which is understandable because women are generally more emotional. There are three typical male behaviors that turn women off instantly – if you are aware of these, you won’t make these mistakes!

If a guy is needy, a woman can smell his neediness from a mile away.

When a man’s affection is strong in a strange way on the first or the second date, that’s not quite normal because this woman hasn’t proved herself to him yet. In that case, if he keeps paying her compliments yet she hasn’t proved any of those yet, she would begin to wonder, “This guy thinks I’m a high-quality candidate already, but how can he know that at this stage?”

So, she feels like she has already won very easily, and now she has a sinking feeling, “Does that mean any woman can get this guy? Maybe he doesn’t even care about me because he would be happy and satisfied with any good-looking lady.”

Now she feels that her only accomplishment is being at the right location at the right time. Then she even feels like he would still want her no matter what behavior she demonstrates.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying a woman hates compliments and affection. I mean she hasn’t earned any of those yet – that’s her honest feeling.

When you push her to make major decisions too quickly, she is more likely to make no decision, as she is thinking, “What would happen if I have a different opinion/decision on our next date? Will he be upset and difficult?”

Nobody wants to be with a drama queen.

Let’s say a man and a woman are on their first date. All of a sudden, he begins to talk about his ex-wife in a sad or angry way.

Or a guy who is always jealous out of nothing.

Or a guy who becomes passive aggressive and gives a woman the silent treatment frequently.

Look, an intelligent woman will not marry a drama queen. Actually, nobody wants to marry a guy who operates like a drama queen, although some people may want to date a drama queen for a while.

Therefore, if you are looking to marry a high-quality Eastern European bride, you have to eliminate the drama in your life and your behavior when any drama arises.

You won’t find a high-quality woman if you are shallow.

I know some men who tell me that they are looking for high-quality ladies. But when I ask them, “What’s your criteria?” They usually give me a list of many standards – most of those standards are about a woman’s looks.

Truthfully, you will only attract the female version of yourself. In other words, if you are shallow, you can’t expect your future wife to be an intelligent, capable and high-value lady. That’s why I always say that in order to improve your love life, you have to focus on personal development. That is to say, you would be well-advised to spend 70% of your time working on yourself, your career and your lifestyle & spend 30% of your time doing dating. Clearly, when you become an attractive, high-value guy, you will meet a high-quality woman.

I remember going out on dates with shallow men. Those coffee dates were so boring. When a conversation is as deep as a coffee cup, I simply hope the date can end within 30 minutes.

Well, what do high-value women want to talk about on a date? Here is a list of topics that many high-quality Eastern European ladies are interested in:

  1. Movies
  2. Music
  3. Travel
  4. Books
  5. Art
  6. Philosophy

Anyone who has a real hobby would have something interesting to talk about, so if you can cultivate one more hobby from now on, what would that hobby be?

Also, I’ve summarized a list of high-value qualities that high-quality Eastern European women are looking for in men:

  1. A strong sense of direction and purpose in his life
  2. Pursuits, interests and independence which give him true fulfillment in general
  3. A commitment to personal growth as well as the ability to improve himself
  4. Treating his body with real respect and taking care of his health well
  5. High standards for what kind of treatment he accepts
  6. Sticking to his own standards
  7. Internal validation and a feeling of high self-worth
  8. Core confidence
  9. The ability to turn the right woman on
  10. Absence of drama and neediness
  11. Willingness to encourage her and love her for who she really is
  12. A way of life that he is proud of
  13. Positive relationships with individuals around him
  14. True respect for women

In conclusion, the more high-value qualities a guy shows, the faster he will attract a high-quality Eastern European woman.

Of course, no one is perfect and everybody has their own weakness(es). You may have a look at the above-mentioned high-value traits and then identify a few areas which you think are probably your weaknesses. Knowing what you should work on will give you power.

Chances are your dating life isn’t a disaster, but fixing a missing link in this chain might be extremely empowering.

Are you a high-value man?

Now I’d like you to prepare a pen and a piece of paper to organize your thoughts as you read this section.

Firstly, write down 3 traits which make you good company. These traits can be you have a very good sense of humor; you are a great conversationalist; you are very intelligent and attentive; ….

Secondly, write down an example next to each trait – the example should be how you show this trait regularly.

Thirdly, write down 3 exciting things in your life now. These things can be you run a project that you are very passionate about; you are going to Italy next month; your friends invite you to an exotic adventure; you are learning a foreign language; ….

Being excited in life makes you an interesting man. This also allows you to have high-quality conversations because you have more interesting experiences to talk about.

Your way of life says so much about you. Therefore, if your current way of life is just about working 80 hours per week and eating pizza, you must consider changing something in your life.

Next, write down the reasons why you are the ideal man that a high-value Eastern European woman can have.

I know this exercise may give you some satisfaction or awareness – if you know some areas in your life need to be improved, you can take action now. Look, if you are happy with what you see on the piece of paper, I give you the permission to be proud of yourself! But if you are unhappy with what you see, at least you know where you should work on in your life so that you can build your core confidence.

“You have to have very clear standard for what kind of treatment you actually deserve.”

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