Dating advice

Dating advice


December 12, 2018 by


Last month, Blair from New Zealand called into our office to say hello again; Blair had previously visited us in 2017

Blair visited Kiev, Poltava, Zaporozhye, and Nikolaev. He thoroughly enjoyed his trip and his travel was problem free as he used our travel services to support him throughout his trip.


Most relevant to our members, Blair recommends that men are serious about their search. He points out it is important, to be honest with your partner about everything; honesty is a priority. A couple should discuss the smallest things and make sure they understand each other. Do not play games if you are looking for a wife. You must remain patient and take time into consideration.

Blair said a number of times that chemistry is something that makes your meeting magnificent. You should not rush and consider all the pros and cons. You should go through the process carefully, with meticulous planning.

Above all, Blair recommends men to use the service of interpreters when they are going on meetings with the ladies. He thinks interpreters are “brilliant”.


Ukraine is totally different from his country he comes from. He likes the Ukraine people and found them all to be very cheerful to him.

We thank Blair for his feedback and advice and recommend that all members take note of his comments.

We were delighted to see Blair again and look forward to his next visit. He is appreciative of our 24/7 support – he finds us professional.

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October 11, 2018 by


We have wonderful news for you. Our new happy couple Shardorn and Mariya recently got married. They were working on the development of their relationship hard. Both of them knew that our site is for serious people not to play games. They had a right mindset and were looking for each other.

Their story


A couple considers video chat to be the most logical way to keep in touch and discuss all the questions they have. Mariya says a video chat helps people to discover the nature of their characters and see the real behavior. They chatted for 2 weeks and Shardorn decided to come over and meet up with his lady Mariya. This is a serious step of a purposeful man who knows what he wants.

A real meeting approved all the expectations as the couple was considering all pros and cons about each other whilst having video chats. Shardorn is rather thankful to us as we provided a real platform for his communication with his wife Mariya.

We wish this lovely couple happiness and prosperity in their relationship. Such a beautiful union deserves all the best. They are a great example of purposeful people who did not hesitate but used the time in the best way to complete their life goal. The new chapter in their life was opened and we are sure it will be full of happiness.


Welcome to our updates on our blog.

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July 23, 2018 by


Recently, our client Olaf from Beuningen, Netherlands has visited Ukraine. Our client feels here very comfortable and cozy over here.  He has joint our site about a couple months ago and has made an inquiry of our services. By the way, we were so happy to know that our client was very comfortable with our service, agency, and stuff.


The client recommends our services to the men as he finds that to be really genuine. Ukraine is totally different from the country he came from. Here he liked local people but cannot judge all Ukrainian people by couple ladies he met up with. He trusts us and is satisfied with our site. Above all, Olaf recommends men to interact with the ladies via our video chat. It helps a man to understand the lady better, learn her and see her behaviour. Video chat provides a direct interaction with a partner.


Most relevant, our client recommends our men to be serious about their search. It may be a very specific one, but you have o be careful and attentive. Do not play games if you are looking for a wife. You have to remain patient. Talking about an age gad it seems to be so individual and depends on both partners who are communicating and are about to have a serious relationship.

However, a real meeting is rather to learn the lady. Olaf is looking for a lady with a nice sense of humour and a great body language. Most noteworthy, it is rather important to take your time and plan the trip very well and attentively. You have to pick up a nice hotel in a comfortable location.

Please, watch the video of Olaf’s feedback and accept his all recommendations.

We will be happy if you take a look at our blog . Please, read these marvelous articles and take into consideration our vital advice to make your relationship brighter and more trustworthy.

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July 12, 2018 by

Welcome to the amazing world of the lovely couples of our site. We are extremely excited to share with you our latest news! One more star started shining the brightest ever. Please, greet our new happy couple Tam and Marina. They are definitely full of the joys of spring right now. Just take a look at the story they have shared.

Tam’s story



Thanks to the qualified team and their local representatives in Zaporozhye – “Jasmin” agency I was able to meet the love of my life – Marina. Our first meeting took place in her native city before I came we had corresponded and had several video-chats. My impression of the website services is great, tried most of the services they offer and I was satisfied with everything.


We started our correspondence in fall 2017 and I came to visit her in 3 weeks. Above all, when I came, Marina introduced me to her family. Her son and her parents, at this meeting the assistance of an interpreter was vital. I am grateful to the agency for their help.


Furthermore, we had a very warm family dinner. Marina’s mother cooked Ukrainian food. For this reason, her father showed their family album and told a lot about Marina’s childhood and life. This meeting was very significant for me, as it showed that Marina is a serious lady, ready for the marriage. As a result, after this we met a couple more times, I supported her desire to study English and she does her best about this. Hence, we have recently married in Zaporozhye and now we are in process of making the documents that will allow Marina and her son to come and live in Canada with me. Hopefully, every user of this website will find their happiness with the help of the professional team from the site!

We wish our sweethearts to be indeed happy and show others that love exists! They are our inspiration.  For the recent updates and latest news follow our blog and take a look at our recent useful articles!

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Excellent Cooperation

January 29, 2015 by

One of the points of difference we have found between ourselves and others is that we only work with agencies and ladies who are genuine.

I have mentioned this many times before but recently I received an email from an agency that I thought was worth sharing with you.

This agency made a suggestion to us that would improve the service that we offer and therefore the service that they offer. I emailed her back to thank her and to say we agree and we will make the change urgently. Elena’s reply to me was:

Dear Keith, every day I think how to improve my business, how to make my employees more professional and successful, how to reach goals in time and get pleasure from what I do) So it is a great pleasure for me to give you some info how to make your site more interesting and attractive for women and men. More and more new sites appear every year on this dating market, I get lots of propositions to start cooperation with them, but when I start to ask about details – I realize that it is just a scam and making money without a real result for participants of these sites. As for your site – I see how much you involved in making real and true relations between people, your managers are real professionals, sometimes even more than needed))) I see how your managers give all themselves to this work and how they check every my client, without any exceptions, you can be proud of them. This shows me that I found right partners for cooperation.
best wishes to you also, it was nice to hear from you,
Have a nice Sunday,

There are agencies like this – but not all are as genuine and as professional.

Naturally, Elena and her team are a pleasure to work with and you can feel confident if you are communicating with one of their ladies.

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Congratulations to the Happy Couple

November 20, 2014 by

We are delighted to congratulate another couple who will be getting married in December.

Arnulfo from Canada and Tatiana from Zaporozhye met on our site and found true love. We always celebrate when two people find each other and fall in love through our site as we feel as though we have made it possible.

We hope to bring more news and maybe photos or a video if the happy couple agree.

If you want to increase your chances of finding your love on the site I was given some feedback by a number of ladies this week that they asked me to pass on to the men.

Many men dont post photos of themselves on their profile on the site – for a number of reasons. The ladies are cautious about men who dont post photos and they are reluctant to start communication with someone they have not seen.

Visibility and first impressions are very important in the development of a relationship – as much for the ladies as for men.

The ladies ask me why is it compulsory that ladies must post photos but for men it is not compulsory. They also point out to me that they would never find love if their photos are not posted – so why is this any different for men. Fair point.

The only people who can see a mans profile on the site are the ladies who are registered with us. No visitors to the site, nor other men can see your profile photos. Only the ladies photos are public to visitors to the site.

If you are serious about finding your soul mate with us and you have not posted your photos on your profile, please reconsider. The ladies are saying that they want to see you.

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The Personal Touch

October 16, 2014 by

One of the things we pride ourselves on is our 24 hour personal service. Anyone who has contacted us is guaranteed almost immediate response.

We have our phone number and skype address on the site and any of our support team will gladly help you with any enquiry. Even emails are answered within minutes.

We feel that this is vitally important to any users of the site – we know how frustrating it can be if your use of the site is interrupted by a problem.

I was speaking to a man in New Jersey on Friday and he commented on how genuine and proud we are. I found this most gratifying. Thank you K!

Similarly, a man in Blenheim, New Zealand called me on Monday and we discussed his concerns and how I suggest he approach his impending trip to Ukraine. You are welcome Roger!

Finally, we received an email yesterday from Jef:

I wanted to thank you all for arranging everything of my visit. I had a great time and I very much like Zaporozhye and it’s people.
I hope I could give Yana a good time as well and make her feel comfortable with my first visit.
Also my thanks to Alena and Andrej; the translator and the driver. They both were very nice and helpful.
Thank you all!

My best regards


Thank you Jef – it is our pleasure – and fulfilling our promise. It is what we are here for.

Exceptional customer service is not rocket science – it is a culture. I constantly thank our team for maintaining this culture.

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A word from Kelly

June 19, 2014 by

We have many men visit their ladies in Ukraine and we have never had a negative comment from men who make the trip.

This is because we ensure that all you are promised happens. You will not be disappointed.

We currently have Kelly visiting and he has posted the following on our blog:

Just an update about Ukraine. I am currently in Zaporozhye as i write this. I wanted to see more of Ukraine so i took a taxi from Kiev to Zaporozhye and the country is beautiful. Do not worry about the roads at all i have seen far worse in Australia! However they are mad drivers. Lane rules mean nothing and i would say to you use the taxi service offered by the team. I was quoted $300 by the team and i ended up paying $450 from the motel. The only reason i did not go with the team was i decided to go business class not economy so i went the other way.

Anyway i write this on the first day and do not know how things are going to turn out but our fist meeting was at the restaurant in the motel i am staying at. how much did it cost? a whole $10 dollars. So do not believe what you hear about these girls scamming you! My girl even tried to get me to catch the train to save money. Yes i know there are scammers about, but not as many as you think. Be yourself, be honest about your self and you should have no problems. As for me next week we shall know all and i hope to post good news. Guys if only 3% of the blokes who write ever bother to visit how do you think you stand out from the rest when you turn up and are exactly the same in person. The only thing i can say is that my girl is so much better in person than on chats. Do not worry about the Ukraine, i feel safe and very much cared for here, all of the people are wonderful and you can make such a difference in their lives. I gave a girl who brought room service to my room a $5 tip and she almost passed out! Just be yourself, turn up and trust your girl.

Thank you Kelly – we could not have said it better.

If you are thinking of visiting your lady – do it. That is why you joined the site in the first place.



Proven Success is Hard to Come By

June 12, 2014 by

I have mentioned previously that getting approval from couples to put their photos and story after they have met on the site and have gotten married is very difficult. Most couples refuse to allow their story to be published on such a public domain as the internet.

Last month we had another wedding and although the couple initially said they were happy to have their wedding and story put on the site, after we had arranged the video, photos and story, they changed their mind. This is typical and we understand their desire to quietly enjoy their new life in privacy.

I look at some sites that have hundreds and hundreds of wedding photos and calculate that if only 5% of couples allow their photos to be published then they must have had about 100,000 weddings – and this makes me dubious.

For this reason we had neglected our success story and testimonial page as we thought that unless you have video evidence, you can publish anything you like and no one can refute the stories. That is typical of us – if something cant be shown to be genuine, we don’t do it.

However, we had a number of emails from men and ladies saying that we must put more success stories onto the site to promote the good work that we are doing and convey the success that we have enjoyed. So, retrospectively, we have gone back in time and have started to put these stories on the page. You can see them and judge for yourself here

Our agencies were also asking us to add the stories as they have been working very hard to achieve success and they would also like the recognition. This is fair enough as we are very cautious with which agencies we work with and they deserve to have their work and success published.

We have a wedding video available to view on this page, which is a rarity as I have said and we will be hoping to add more. We had undervalued the importance of this section of the site and we will be ensuring that this is kept up to date at all times from now on.

The happy union of a man and a lady from our site and our agencies gives us tremendous satisfaction and helps to replenish our enthusiasm after all the ill-informed emails of doom we get from some visitors, especially those who’s views have been tainted by bad experiences elsewhere or bad feedback in general about Ukraine dating sites.

I hope you enjoy the stories that have been shared and we will continue to add more and more as we studiously collect and publish these moving forward.


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