What to Do and What Not to Do in a Relationship with a Ukrainian lady

February 4, 2020 at 1.16pm by in Slavic Women

Dating doesn’t have to be hard if you know what to do and what not to do. I understand that schools and universities didn’t teach you any of these, but you can still learn dating skills now. Hopefully this article will give you some insights into dating a Ukrainian lady.

Think less and live more.

Most of the time, stress comes from overthinking and overmanaging life. Now I’d like you to think about worrying differently – Does worrying make issues disappear? What purpose does worry actually serve? Does worry prevent problems from happening or make problems even worse?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you will realize that worrying isn’t helpful at all; it’s only a symptom.

Some people can’t stop worrying simply because they believe that worrying is the reason why they stopped many problems from happening, but that’s not true. What actually happened was people’s actions prevented problems from happening. That has nothing to do with overthinking, overmanaging life or worrying too much.

Interestingly, most Ukrainian ladies that I’ve met are very relaxed. They are really cool people; they are not worriers. So, if you’d like to attract women from Ukraine, you must be a leader in your life rather than a worrier.

Get over your competitiveness.

In reality, some relationships become a constant battle of ‘trying to get one over’ on the other partner – whether it is trying to always win arguments or trying to make each other jealous.

In order to maintain a healthy relationship, you have to let the little things go. Don’t be petty! For instance, when you are wrong, just say sorry and move on. Don’t try to fight your corner & justify yourself every single time. Remember: life is short and you shouldn’t waste your time trying to win petty / meaningless / useless battles all the time.

Sometimes, competitiveness could be when each partner tries to act like the dominant person in the relationship. For instance, in some relationships, both partners try to be busier than the other person so they could feel like they’re in control of the relationship (they pretend to be busy).

Actually, this is a symptom of insecurity and low self-esteem which comes from being terrified of being vulnerable and trying to make yourself feel more worthy by looking like “the busy person”. This only imposes an emotional distance which is totally unnecessary.

If the above-mentioned scenario has happened in your relationship with a Ukrainian lady, you must fix it as soon as possible & it can be fixed! From now on, you will focus on what you can control and stop focusing on what you can’t control. When we have insecurities, it’s usually because we try to micro-manage every part of our lives and become uncomfortable that others’ behavior is beyond our control. Realistically, you can only control your response to events. Period.

Is anyone taking the backseat?

In this scenario, one individual becomes more important than the other person in the relationship / marriage. A healthy relationship should be about two individuals as equals – two people whose needs have to be met. If your marriage / relationship becomes one-sided or a one-way street, that means someone is taking the backseat already.

When you feel like you are always trying to meet your girlfriend’s needs, that’s a one-way street. When all your Ukrainian lady seems to do is trying to please you, that’s also a one-way street.

If those things happen, you need to redress the balance now. Remember to make more time to do nice things for each other rather than get stuck in the one-way street.

If you are constantly trying to please your Ukrainian girlfriend, it’s time to back off the affection & let her know that you also have standards for the kind of behavior you can accept – she will not get your affection until she makes time for your needs, too.

Don’t allow laziness to ruin your relationship.

According to experts who specialize in affair recovery help, when a marriage is ruined because of cheating and affairs, it indicates lack of discipline and lack of excitement in a marriage.

Obviously, lack of discipline is caused by a person’s character, so we probably can’t change that easily by writing a blog article. But we can talk about how to deal with lack of excitement in a marriage.

Usually, when the following things happen in a marriage or a long-term relationship, it means laziness / lack of excitement begins to destroy this relationship:

  1. No more interesting dates
  2. Not caring about your looks
  3. Taking each other for granted
  4. Lack of kissing and cuddling
  5. No more ‘just us two time’
  6. No more effort in your communication with your Ukrainian woman
  7. No more real conversations (you only talk about logistics such as when to do laundry and when to call the plumber).

Don’t become victims of inertia. Don’t assume that your Ukrainian girl isn’t going anywhere. People associate marriage / long-term relationships to boredom because of inertia. Therefore, you have to break those patterns and get to know each other once again. This may involve talking to each other about emotions, films, music, books, hopes and dreams, politics, the world, family and friends.

How to nurture your relationship with a lady from Ukraine:

Always display the side of you that is able to create genuine rapport with her. This can be achieved by sharing more experiences together, thereby building a strong emotional connection. Apart from that, the ability to have banter is paramount as well. Don’t forget that a long-term relationship is a serious investment of time and resources, so your Ukrainian girlfriend wants to see a multi-dimensional man – she can introduce you to her family and friends, have silly jokes with you, etc. Basically, she needs to know that you are comfortable in a social setting.

Also, you would be well-advised to make her feel special because in terms of a serious relationship, a woman wants to feel like nobody else could have got you – she wants to know she is the game changer rather than a placeholder. In her subconscious mind, she wants to feel that it was her that cracked your mysterious code.

If a girl from Ukraine feels like anybody else could have won you on another day, then she will not value the relationship much. In actuality, she wants to feel like you have chosen her because she is unique and special. That means out of all the options you had in your life, it was her that you selected. This definitely validates your Ukrainian lady and satisfies her need to feel unique and important in your eyes.

Nothing gets a woman excited faster than the thought that her man is sharing a secret side with her. This is what she wants – feeling like she is experiencing something that nobody else can get!

“Men want to be needed; women want to be cherished.”

  • Ro Ger

    The best advice I’ve ever heard is “don’t let laziness ruin your relationship”!! That’s the truth of life. Do everything possible to make your feelings live as long as possible.


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