What is external confidence in international dating?

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Confidence includes external confidence and internal confidence. In this article, I would like to emphasize the importance of external confidence in international dating because your external confidence influences how you feel inside! 😊

  • What is external confidence?

As I see it, external confidence refers to the way you present yourself, i.e., the way you walk, the way you look, and so forth. Of course, that definitely includes your fashion and grooming. Honestly, I don’t think the fashion industry is a superficial industry as wearing good clothes strongly influences your feelings and emotions – when your fashion is fantastic, you feel so much better inside. Also, when you have external confidence, you can create a much better impact. When I was in my early 20s, I worked as a retail sales consultant in a department store where men were looking for external confidence (I was in the menswear department). At that time, most men who went to the department store were preparing for job interviews, weddings, and so on because that’s a high-end department store. 😉

  • Why is the first impression so important?

The unpleasant raw truth is most interpersonal relationships in life are superficial relationships: Is everybody truly close to their co-workers / boss / neighbors, etc.? No. As a consequence, I would argue that in most situations, the 1st impression is the last impression as well.

You may need to consult a fashion stylist who is able to show you how to improve your fashion quickly. Obviously, you just need to invest in this area once and you’ll benefit from the fashion stylist’s professional advice for a long time. You can also read GQ magazine and directly copy those male celebrities and models’ fashion.

My friend Tony looks a bit like Leonardo DiCaprio, so Tony imitates the way that Leonardo DiCaprio talks (including Leo’s facial expression, body language and tone). “That’s a good example. Why not use that example to my advantage?” says Tony, “This technique is also known as ‘stealing and building’ that is used by many PR agencies. I think it’s probably the best kept secret in the world because no one talks about it.”

Tony shared a well-known case study in another industry: Colgate is a famous toothpaste brand which became popular fast by copying Crest’s packaging and ads. Colgate got away with what they’ve done because that’s called “stealing and building” – when you start something new, just have a look at a very successful competitor and find out what has worked for them already, and then you steal their tactics and build something new.

Frankly, when you start a brand-new project, trying to quickly figure out how to be successful is a challenging job. Yet rather than learning how to do everything right via trial & error, why not use a successful competitor’s tactics that have already been proven to be right? Please note that a successful competitor already invested lots of time and money in order to figure out the correct tactics. So, you can simply find out what they’ve done and directly copy them! For example, a wildly successful celebrity with 100 million female admirers has already hired a fashion stylist, a hair stylist as well as a charisma coach to manage his external confidence. Hence, you don’t have to spend 2 years trying to find out how to look great; you may learn it from that wildly successful celebrity directly. I think “stealing and building” works best if you look slightly like that celebrity or you really admire that celebrity.

  • The importance of external confidence in international dating:

A romantic relationship isn’t a superficial relationship because it’s a serious relationship in my opinion. SimplyDating.com only promotes serious, long-term relationships, so everyone on our website is looking for a real relationship which is best characterized by a genuine connection.

In this case, external confidence is still important because international dating starts from the Internet – you meet your lady online first. Therefore, you would be well-advised to have external confidence when you are chatting with your lady on the internet. Are you ready for the video call with your lady?

“Building true confidence starts from developing external confidence.”

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