What keeps you single and how to meet Slavic women

Slavic women

A recent study shows that scarcity is the mindset that keeps most single men single. The scarcity mindset is generally feeling like you have very limited options, which makes you cling onto whatever options you have. Sadly, this is the least attractive trait, because rather than coming from a place of real abundance, you might end up zeroing in on the result of one interaction, which leads to you holding on to certain interactions extremely tight – you don’t even walk away when you definitely should, even if a woman doesn’t give you the respect you truly deserve. If you have a scarcity mindset, you could find yourself giving too much in relationships or ending up chasing after a woman who literally gives nothing to you. Women in western countries are more likely to feel entitled, so they tend to give very little when they interact with men who have the scarcity mindset. Before you meet Slavic women, I’d like to help you understand how the scarcity mindset shows up in reality and how you can handle it properly.

  • Don’t chase women up for dates.

If a woman cancels on you last minute or doesn’t give you a firm time to meet you for a date, don’t keep asking her. If she doesn’t respond to your message, please delete her phone number. Remember: You are supposed to date a woman who is meeting you halfway. The right woman has to reciprocate your effort. If she doesn’t respect you, you must walk away. If she treats you with very little respect and attention & you are still there for her, she knows you certainly want something from her & you don’t have other options – that’s not an attractive quality.

A man who has options with ladies knows that he is able to meet women wherever he goes (offline and online). Therefore, if a woman gives him the runaround, he wouldn’t keep investing his energy and time into the interaction. Full stop.

It takes some courage to let your options go. However, please note that each time you have your boundaries crossed while keep chasing after a woman who doesn’t give anything back to you, you actually become less attractive to her. It’s not going to work out in the way you like anyway. I’d like you to think of the bigger picture: Your confidence, self-esteem, motivation for dating and relationships, where you need to invest your resources, etc. You don’t really need this 1 option to work out because you can create options if you read this blog regularly.

Over giving is a sign of a scarcity mindset: You buy too many rounds of drinks; you mention that your dad has a boat; you take her to fancy restaurants for expensive dinner dates; you make each date longer than it needs to be; you worry about being judged on how flirty you are or how funny you are; you feel a true burden that if you are not cool enough, she might reject you or friend-zone you.

Don’t put a woman on a pedestal; there are many women that you can meet! Ask yourself, “Does this woman meet my standards? Is she good enough for me?”

Slavic women
  • The importance of taking a risk:

Many years ago, I was looking for a retail job in an upmarket department store. Because I had never had any retail experience before and I really wanted that job, I bought myself a silk shirt and a pair of high-end pants for the job interview. I got the job because of what I was wearing – the employer realized that I was wearing an outfit from the fashion brand that I would like to work for, so he was very impressed.

Before that job interview, I never bought anything from the fashion section in that upmarket department store, for things there were too expensive for me. But I took a risk by buying something that I normally wouldn’t buy and that decision gave me the opportunity to land a job that I really wanted at that time.

By the way, I still have that silk shirt and that pair of high-end pants today because the quality of these products is very, very high. I’m happy with that investment!

No, I’m not saying you should buy a woman an expensive outfit as a present in order to impress her. What I am saying is you are not supposed to play it safe. Let me explain.

Would I be broke after buying a silk shirt and a pair of high-end pants? No. Frankly, most people can afford one or two items from the upmarket department store (it’s not about upgrading the entire wardrobe anyway) – it’s usually just a matter of the individual’s choice/decision.

Would your love life be non-existent after allowing yourself to have authentic and free expression? No. Truthfully, if you show your true personality, a woman will have the opportunity to connect with the real you – she will feel much more comfortable with you as a result. 

Interestingly, if you take a risk in the conversation with a Slavic woman, this only makes the interaction more dynamic and exciting. This demonstrates your confidence and your self-esteem as well because it shows that you are there to authentically express yourself and then see whether the connection is genuine, instead of needing to constantly impress her. As a matter of fact, things you like talking about and your natural style of humor are the organic filter which helps you sort out whom you connect with the best.

“Before you find a Slavic woman, you would be well-advised to work on your self-confidence as well as your skill set so that you will never feel scarcity again.”

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