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February 3, 2021 at 4.07pm by in International Dating
Eastern European women

If you are looking for an Eastern European woman who can take your banter, you might need to rethink whether your banter is healthy or not. Chances are a guy who needs a woman that can take his banter is someone who makes lots of sarcastic comments which cut women down. Well, maybe I’m too sensitive, yet making continuous jabs, poking fun and trying to cut down a person’s ego shouldn’t be the theme of a date. If that’s the theme of the date, then it must be a very dull and boring date. End of story.

  • Don’t lose a second date simply because your banter is hurting someone’s ego.

An Eastern European woman might just laugh it off and then grit her teeth when you make silly jokes at the expense of her job/tease her about her passion/laugh at her blueprint. However, please note that there must be a reason why she has made those decisions.

If you say, “You are a real nerd” after she tells you that she reads 52 books per year, you are possibly communicating “I don’t really respect your interest” or “My hobby is much better than yours.”

Of course, the right form of teasing is absolutely necessary – you can joke about who has got better taste in music, laugh when she says she finds spiders and dogs both terrifying, or say things in an obviously absurd manner, “Really? You like Desperate Housewives. I don’t know whether this can work.” 😉

Those are all fine.

What I’m saying is the ego-damaging dismissal of her career/side hustle/friends/family is not right.

If an Eastern European woman is happy to joke about something that is very close to her heart, you will know which part of herself she doesn’t mind being made fun of. That’s something that you must find out early during the banter. You have to have social awareness. 😊

Apart from what you actually say to an Eastern European lady, your tone is also paramount. This is very important even when you are joking about trivial things. 

A terrible example: “Oh, no. You have never read The Reader? You aren’t an avid reader. Stop telling me that you read 52 books a year.”

A pretty good example: “Wow. You haven’t read The Reader yet? You must read it as soon as possible because it will change your worldview!”

Your tone determines how she feels, so you need to be very well-calibrated!

Look, I am not saying ego-stroking is positive in dating and relationships. I mean everyone needs some kind of validation, so why not give her some when it’s necessary?

Thus, next time when you are on a date with a woman from Eastern Europe and she tells you about her enjoyment of pop music in the 90s, your attitude has to be, “That’s wonderful, so please tell me more about your love of pop music in the 90s.”

In other words, you are supposed to show curiosity rather than judgement. If you judge the way she spends her time, she will not feel free to be herself around you. 

That also means you need to build some comfort before you can make fun of each other in the future. She needs to feel free and relaxed first.

  • If a woman tells you that something is wrong with her, please believe her.

An Eastern European lady will tell you secrets when you date her. 

For instance, on the second date, a woman might say, “Oh, I’m a selfish woman.” Or “I’m so superficial.”

Interestingly, people tell you who they are – this is absolutely true.

As I see it, when a woman shows you who she really is, you have to believe her. More importantly, if she tells you who she is, you must believe her.

Basically, when a lady tells you this kind of things willingly, it’s actually a warning which says, “I’ve told you already; therefore, please do not tell me you didn’t know this later on.”

When you are good at listening, you are good at finding the right Eastern European woman rather than the wrong one

Sadly, many men choose to live in their fantasies and hopes, so they risk it all for romantic love.

My suggestion is to walk away from the wrong person bravely. Do not surrender to the comfortable feeling of being with someone.

“You must have the courage to say no to the wrong person so that you can have the luck to meet the right person.”

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