Which Types of Ukrainian Brides Are the Best Candidates?

April 22, 2020 at 2.34pm by in Slavic Women
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Now you are on an international dating website where you can meet a large number of qualified candidates, i.e. Ukrainian brides. But have you wondered what kind of Ukrainian brides are the best candidates?

Why don’t some women get married?

If a woman is 47 years old and she has never been married before (and she never had a long-term relationship before), that’s actually a problem, because it means she probably has difficulty building emotional connection with men.

Some women never get married because they tell their parents everything. As their family members are too involved in their love lives, these women just can’t get married – their parents have too many comments and opinions all the time.

Furthermore, some ladies never get married because they are too unselfish, e.g. maybe a man leads a lady on for years without marrying her and in the end, he decided to leave her anyway. In this case, she has chosen to be treated badly by a man.

Moreover, some women never get married because they don’t take full responsibility – instead of proactively looking for love, they are waiting for love. These women are waiters rather than creators. In life, you either wait or create, okay?

In addition, some ladies don’t enjoy the dating process – they only want to get married. But there is no short-cut in this journey unless arranged marriages are mainstream.

Also, some women never get married as they are not realistic – they think their love lives should follow the love script in romantic movies. But that’s not practical at all. In real life, how many men are able to imitate those romantic moves in Hollywood movies?

Additionally, some ladies never get married because they can’t let go of their past. Maybe they had bad experiences with men in the past, and they still feel sad, angry and bitter. Unfortunately, they can’t change their past. In fact, their past doesn’t even exist; it only exists in their heads.

What’s more, some women never get married because they only want men who don’t want them. Perhaps they have been dating emotionally unavailable men for years!

Of course, some single ladies never get married because they can’t find the right man. For example, in Ukraine, a lot of local men have drug or alcohol problems and they treat women badly. Consequently, many Ukrainian brides are looking to marry western men these days. That’s why they have joined international dating sites such as SimplyDating.com!

How to evaluate a Ukrainian bride’s marriageability:

When you are assessing whether a bride from Ukraine is marriageable, you can look at these factors:

  1. If she is under 35 and has never been married before, look at her personality – a warm and upbeat personality means she is marriageable.
  2. If she is over 35 and has been married before, she is also marriageable because it means she knows how to live with a man. (Someone chose her before, so she is actually all right.)
  3. No matter how old she is, if she has lived with a man for a long time previously, she is marriageable.

Therefore, that means if a mature woman from Ukraine has never lived with a man before, she is actually less marriageable because she doesn’t know how to relate to a man.

When we say “mature”, usually it means a woman above 40 years of age. Hopefully that’s understandable.

Last year, I met a 47-year-old lady on the plane. She told me that she was very concerned because she doesn’t have children.

“I’m 47 years old and I don’t have children,” says this mature lady, “I’m so worried.”

“But you had relationships before, right?” I was curious.

“No. I have never had a boyfriend,” says this lady, “I’ve been single all my life.”

In my opinion, her real problem isn’t having no children; her real problem is she doesn’t even know how to relate to men!

I guess life is fair enough – this woman looks reasonably attractive; she has a good job (she is a doctor); she also makes passive income & she doesn’t really have to work. As a financially successful woman, her love life is blank (and has been blank all her life).

What if your Ukrainian girlfriend has children and an ex-husband?

If you are going to marry a Ukrainian bride who was married before, chances are she has children with her ex-husband.

Now here is a list of tips for you:

  1. Don’t let her use children as an excuse. If she says, “I can’t spend weekends with you because I have to be with my children for 2 days”, that’s probably an excuse as even if she has to look after her children for 2 days, she should be able to spend an hour or two with you over the weekend. If something is important to her enough, she would make time for it.
  2. Don’t ingratiate yourself with her family.
  3. Never be involved in issues with her children.
  4. Never try to replace her children’s dad.
  5. Don’t be her children’s baby-sitter.

If you can implement the above-mentioned principles, you are less likely to feel resentful in the long term. That’s why it’s important to set clear boundaries with your Ukrainian bride from the beginning.

Here is the unpleasant truth: Sometimes a bride from Ukraine may have a sick relationship with her son, i.e. covert incest – that means her son has replaced her ex-husband emotionally& got spouse position in her life. (Unfortunately, this is more common than you think because when a woman’s husband has left her, she may want to seek emotional connection from her son without knowing what she is actually doing.)

In this sad case, if you date this woman from Ukraine, maybe her son will feel jealous and cheated on. Nobody wants to talk about this, but it’s on their subconscious mind. That’s why her son will try his best to sabotage your relationship with his mom – he feels betrayed.

Please note that if your Ukrainian bride has an ex-husband and they have children, her ex-husband is going to be a part of her life forever – they are family. In this situation, you also need to learn how to manage her ex properly:

  1. If her ex-husband is bad news, you shouldn’t put up with him. Any ex-husband who still contacts her for no valid reason is violating your standards. If your Ukrainian bride and her ex-husband still ask for each other’s advice, still have long conversations on the phone, then they are not really divorced. You need to say this to your bride from Ukraine, “I give you three days to figure out a plan regarding how to end your relationship with your ex-husband. If you can’t show me the plan in three days, we are done.” (This is not an ultimatum, it’s a fact.)
  2. Say this to her, “Whenever you refer to your ex-husband, please use ‘Aleksander’s father’ and don’t use ‘my ex-husband’.” – This is because “my” shows possession.

“Mature women are actually quite marriageable.”

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