Who is married to an Eastern European wife?

March 22, 2021 at 12.01pm by in International Dating, Online Dating
Eastern European woman

It is said that most men who prefer Eastern European ladies are successful and accomplished. Further analysis shows that the majority of western men who are looking to marry Slavic ladies are doing well in the society. What’s their secret to success?

  • Successful men prefer traditional wives and ladies from Eastern Europe are more likely to be traditional wives.

In western countries, the mainstream narrative regarding feminism has been pushed too far. These days most western women have been conditioned to believe that their career success is the most important thing in life, so their love lives have been put on the backburner.

The elite/the Establishment want to promote feminism because they want to further lower salaries. In our grandparents’ generation, women didn’t have jobs; a man was able to financially support his entire family and buy a house with his salary. But after women began to find jobs, these days even though a man and his wife both have jobs, they still find it so hard to buy a house. That means the average salary has become lower, even though we have considered inflation. Clearly, the elite/the Establishment want to promote feminism, homosexuality and globalism in order to further separate men from women, thereby further lowering salaries. Indeed, when feminism and homosexuality are pushed really hard, the birth rate is low (many more people don’t have kids now), so globalism is encouraged as a way to find more immigrants. Of course, the elite/the Establishment want to send immigrants to the labor force so as to further lower the average salary (as women are already in the labor force now).

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against LGBTQ community, women or immigrants. I’m just saying why this has happened.

It is clear that most western women are not aware of what’s happened. They were taught to pursue career success and compete with men since a young age. Now a regular western woman can’t even say “I don’t want to find a job because I only want to stay at home after getting married”, as people around her will judge her due to this opinion. Honestly, if western women can’t even choose to be housewives, then where is women’s freedom? Personally, I think feminism is overdone, so it doesn’t help women anymore nowadays – women actually have fewer options in this day and age. Of course, this is just my opinion and does not represent this website’s opinion.

Small wonder the divorce rate in western countries is so high right now.

Yet successful men who are married to Eastern European wives are much less likely to get divorced. Statistics show that international marriages are the least likely to suffer from divorce because Eastern European women aren’t conditioned to believe in feminism anyway and their marriages with western men are more sustainable, healthy and satisfying in every way.

Slavic woman
  • Successful men streamline their to-do lists.

Traditionally, people have been conditioned to believe that if they can manipulate their activities and their schedule enough, they will be able to cram more into one day. Although that’s all right, most people don’t feel more fulfilled or happier by cramming more into their day.

None of the regrets of the dying include having crammed more work into their days.

Successful men approach their to-do lists from a very different perspective – they choose to do the thing that makes them feel the best because staying in the right state is the whole point. Therefore, they minimize low-leverage tasks and maximize high-leverage activities every single day.

“You only have one life, so you must make the most of it! Cherish each day on the planet and make every day count! Your happiness is important. Your wellbeing is paramount. You deserve a happy love life. So, it’s time to start your online dating journey and find true love now. I wish you all the best! Good luck in 2021!”

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