Why do men prefer international dating these days?

international dating

Nowadays the dating climate in western countries is best characterized by a pitfall which will be explained in this article. No wonder so many men prefer international dating right now.

  • A reality check: Are western women and western men compatible in this day and age?

Realistically, the general non-committal nature of the dating market in modern western countries has caused the need for Plan B, Plan C and Plan D. In other words, many women have lots of backup plans – they don’t want to overinvest in one person (they are thinking… “If this guy leaves, I can always have someone else.”)

What’s more, statistics show that almost 50% of the adult population in western countries are single now. Take San Francisco as an example. This city has a large number of successful and intelligent single men. Consequently, women know there is always an abundance of men. From an economic point of view, it can be seen that when there is a huge amount of supply, the price automatically falls. Indeed, why would a woman be happy with a good man if she is continuously offered the chance to date exciting men?

That is to say, dating in western countries has already become a numbers game, which is sad but true.

As a result, a lot of men in western countries have decided to join international dating sites like SimplyDating.com in order to meet, date and marry Eastern European women who have more traditional values. 😊

  • How to have a fantastic first date with an Eastern European lady:

The quality of a date is directly determined by the quality of the conversations. Hence, I’d like to share with you some useful tips that will help you make the first date natural, enjoyable and fabulous.

First of all, please have a look at the conversation below.

(A man and a woman are on a short coffee date near a shopping mall.)

Man: “Nice to meet you. You are so beautiful.”

Woman: “Thank you. Nice to meet you, too.”

Man: “What’s your plan today?

Woman: “I’ve been looking for the right shoes for work because my new employer has different requirements.”

Man: “I see. Did you get that scarf today?”

Woman: “Yes, I did.”

Man: “Where did you get the scarf from?”

Woman: “Blue Illusion.”

If you think this conversation is good, then think again. When you chat with your close friends, do you ask so many questions? Probably no. Remember: questions are not really a typical feature of a high-quality conversation. Questions often turn a date into a boring interview. When you talk with your best friends, the conversation is usually an organic exchange of opinions, statements and joking. Similarly, if you treat an Eastern European lady with that attitude, she is very likely to respond in a similar manner.

  • The best conversations are natural and organic.

In the first place, instead of asking too many questions, you’d better use more statements because ladies oftentimes feel compelled to reciprocate statements. By that I mean instead of asking “What’s your plan today?”, you can say, “Oh. Today I’ve had a busy day. Sometimes I just want to sit in a coffeehouse and watch the crowd outside.”

Now because your statement is quite specific, she has many things to respond to. For instance, she may talk about her hectic day, how she finds time to relax, and so on. Because she has many choices to talk about, chances are she will give you an invested and valuable response.

In the second place, you can ask an indirect question. For example, instead of asking “Do you like listening to some music while working on your laptop?”, you can say, “I don’t know about you, but I often listen to lo-fi when I’m working on my laptop. Music without lyrics helps me concentrate. Also, if I listen to French songs, I can also concentrate on my work better because I don’t understand French anyway.”

In this example, “I don’t know about you, but I …” is actually an indirect hook that will engage the woman with your comments – she will realize that what you are saying is something that she should respond to.

“Mastering conversation skills will help you succeed in international dating.”

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