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When I say someone is spiritual, it doesn’t necessarily mean that person is religious. Some of the most practical people that I know are actually spiritual, but they aren’t necessarily religious. In reality, some people might be put off by crystal-wearing gurus who teach woo-woo stuff. That being said, even though I don’t believe everything those gurus say, I’m taking notes while they are teaching something valuable. “You are crazy, but I’m taking notes.” – That’s my honest inner voice.

A study in Europe and America indicates that spiritual couples are more likely to stay married.

According to a major study in America and Europe, spiritual couples are less likely to be divorced. Compared with secular marriage, spiritual marriage is usually healthier and more sustainable because of these factors:

1. A large number of secular people get married due to unhealthy reasons; as a consequence, the current divorce rate is high in western countries.

Historically, marriage was about glorying God, yet nowadays secular people have already got rid of God from the concept of marriage.  Therefore, a lot of people get married so as to get these rewards – companion, intimacy, children as well as romantic love that is actually lust. No, this doesn’t mean their motivations are absolutely wrong. It only means when the current divorce rate is more than 50% and a lot of couples are actually unhappily married and those who break up after living together for many years aren’t included in the official statistics, the actual failure rate of modern marriage is probably 85%, according to a divorce lawyer based in New York. Thus, we really need to re-evaluate the reasons why we are supposed to be married.

Well, it’s totally normal if you are eager to have companion, intimacy, romantic love as well as kids. These are all valid reasons for marriage. Nonetheless, companion, intimacy and romantic love could fade away or change easily and may not stand the test of time – most secular people live in a culture which is characterized by materialism and in contemporary society, temptation is almost everywhere. Clearly, human nature is quite vulnerable in actuality. What’s more, kids will not remain kids for long (once kids turn 18, they leave parents). Although they are still your kids (adult children), they cannot be responsible for your long-term happiness.

2. Religious marriage is influenced by spiritual guidance.

In fact, religious daters know what they look for in an ideal partner as they receive spiritual guidance regularly. That helps religious daters to avoid questionable reasons for wanting to get married in the first place.

In a good marriage, these 3 pillars are strong: I) intimacy; II) emotional connection; III) a shared blueprint.

Truthfully, in a typical secular marriage, a shared blueprint is basically mutual benefits. That’s fine. However, in a religious marriage, a shared blueprint is more than mutual benefits because it often incorporates a shared faith – that’s a sustainable bond.

Actually, mutual benefits could change easily as the circumstances in life change and evolve frequently. Nevertheless, a sustainable bond will not easily change. As a result, it is clear that religious marriage is surely more resilient, rewarding and meaningful. A religious marriage will certainly thrive if God wills it. By the way, statistics show that religious people are less stressed because they know there are many things that are out of their control anyway – they know when to let go.

Online dating allows you to meet high-value individuals that you probably wouldn’t be able to meet in your social circle.

If you are a spiritual or religious person, you probably have a social circle because you go to the Church regularly. Having said that, if your existing social circle does not keep evolving, it will become dull and stagnant, which isn’t great for your dating life when you are single and looking for a high-quality wife, e.g. an elegant Ukrainian woman.

Let’s say you are an established man looking for a high-value bride. The fact that you are reading this blog post now means you are probably spiritual or have high standards. I would argue that if you could find a great wife in real life, you probably have done that already. The unpleasant realism is most individuals in real life probably can’t meet your standards. Hence, it’s not easy to meet a high-value lady that you deserve offline.

So, SimplyDating.com gives you a unique platform where you are able to meet high-value Ukrainian ladies online. You can use our video chat feature with translation service easily. Women from Ukraine in our database are learning English each day.

Even though not all Ukrainian women are spiritual or religious, most women in our database are high-value ladies who are elegant, intelligent and respectful, as we interview each lady in person before she creates a profile on our website. Therefore, no matter you are religious or spiritual or have high standards, you will be able to meet someone suitable on this platform.

Internet dating is best characterized by an effective algorithm that can efficiently filter women.

Think of this scenario: You use offline dating as your primary approach. You meet women in your existing social circle. You attend events and dinner parties. You start conversations with people. During this process, you must filter women carefully. It can feel like having a part-time job because it’s not easy.

By contrast, an international dating site like SimplyDating.com uses an algorithm which instantly filters women. You simply need to create a profile and specify your standards/criteria. And then this dating website automatically sends qualified candidates to you.

Let’s look at this analogy: Offline dating is basically like making linear income (you’re literally trading your time for income). Yet Internet dating is just like making leveraged income (you make money even when you are watching YouTube videos on the sofa). Clearly, offline dating depends on your effort completely, while an international dating website can send suitable women to you even when you are asleep.)

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that offline dating is useless. Frankly, I think offline dating is helpful, as it gives you the permission to practice your social skills in real life. That being said, you should combine online dating with offline dating so you can meet the right woman more quickly.

Internet dating saves time.

As a member on an international dating site, you don’t have to explain yourself, for everybody on this dating site knows why you have joined the community. Everyone is looking for love here.

But when it comes to offline dating, you need to explain yourself – you are a single guy looking for a wife; you are looking forward to a real relationship. Sadly, in this day and age, the western culture is actually a hook-up culture in which the majority of singles aren’t really looking for serious relationships. Sad but true.

In contrast, Ukrainian ladies are looking for true love because their culture is not polluted. Therefore, western men who have joined SimplyDating.com can find genuine love.

“In today’s day and age, Internet dating is the primary way to find love, if not the only way!”

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