Why you have to actually move on before meeting the right Eastern European woman

August 25, 2021 at 1.05pm by in Online Dating
Eastern European woman

You know a relationship is over, but you still talk to your ex. You think this is perfectly okay – you text each other; you share movie recommendations; you look at each other’s Facebook page every day. You are still friends. But truthfully, in this situation, you get some benefits of a romantic relationship without having any real substance. That’s the danger of staying friends with your ex. Please let me explain.

  • Why you must realistically move on:

If you stay friends, you can’t give yourself enough time to really get used to a new life. Also, if you remain friends, you have a sense of connection without the real commitment or love. What’s more, if you are still friends, you cannot make space for a new relationship as you are still thinking about your ex-partner.

Of course, if you have children with your ex, you have to stay friends – that’s a totally legitimate reason. What I’m saying is if you secretly think perhaps as long as you merely stay friends, you will get back together: you have to cut that off right now.

In fact, you can remain friends with your ex only if you both have actually moved on without wondering whether you will be together again.

Because that’s not easy to do, most couples do not remain friends after their breakup. A wise person wouldn’t choose to stay in the middle of nowhere – not in a relationship, not completely broken up either.

You deserve someone who truly wants to be with you. This person cannot enter your life if another person is standing in the way.

Eastern European woman
  • When you are ready for a relationship with an Eastern European woman….

If you have actually moved on, it’s time to look for a new relationship. So, let’s start from preparing props, i.e., accessories that gets people’s attention and spark conversations. 

Props are your secret tools because they give people the opportunity to talk to you without pulling a topic out of thin air. 

Here are my favorite props:

  1. Books or magazines
  2. Dogs
  3. Special clothing, bags, umbrellas or jewelry 
  4. Unique ring tone

Obviously, if you choose online dating, maybe your prop is your outstanding dating profile with very interesting photos!

Basically, props are attention-grabbers that work for you automatically!

For example, you may wear clothing which signifies certain things about you (like a jacket with your town name), thereby giving other people a green light to initiate a conversation with you.

In my opinion, the ideal flirting clothing could include items such as:

  1. A place of interest you have visited;
  2. An organization or club that you belong to;
  3. A hobby that you are passionate about;
  4. A university that you went to.

Don’t forget to comment on other people’s props! If you meet an Eastern European woman, you can say these to her:

  1. “Your bracelet is pretty. Is it vintage?”
  2. “I’d like to let you know that your necklace looks so beautiful.”
  3. “The design on your nails is very artistic. Did you do it by yourself?”
  • What not to do:

When you flirt with a woman, please do not share too much information because at the initial stage, giving too many details will only turn her off. Let me explain.

Flirting is about making the interaction fun and interesting. It’s not about sharing heavy emotions. Therefore, at the very beginning, you are supposed to make the ambience playful and engaging – that’s all you need to do. In other words, she should feel relaxed and excited when she is talking with you. That’s all she needs to feel at the moment. 

After knowing a woman for some time, you can gradually share more. That means you can start to talk about your feelings, emotions, back stories, etc. That is to say, you’d better slowly build the connection with an Eastern European woman as time goes by.

“Make props and flirting work for you!”

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