How to attract and communicate with Eastern European women

September 11, 2021 at 9.38am by in Slavic Women
Eastern European women

Most single women aren’t desperately single because they are able to meet men (their real concern is how to meet a high-quality man that they want to be with). Meanwhile, a lot of married women are quite desperate, as evidenced by the famous TV show Desperate Housewives. In other words, a person’s marital status has nothing to do with whether this individual is desperate or not. Since this blog is about teaching men how to meet, attract and keep elegant Eastern European women, I’d like to point out this fact: Dating is all about how you communicate your value to her – can she immediately understand why you are the right guy for her?

Have standards for the lady you would like to date.

Interestingly, when you have high standards for the woman you want to meet and date, you will also work on yourself – your skills should match your standards.

First of all, please polish your online dating profile because it is your personal brand that women will see on the Internet. A common dating profile mistake is this: in one photo you are partying with your friends and family; in another photo you are sitting in the office and wearing a professional suit; in another photo you are climbing Mount Everest. I do understand that you are a multi-dimensional individual with a very interesting lifestyle. But on your dating profile, if one picture wins a lady over, another picture might put this lady off. Note that women are more sensitive than men. Therefore, your dating profile has to be a solid personal brand that makes women quickly understand who you are.

Second, when you meet a woman in real life, that’s a very, very different story. Please let me explain.

I know some women may have height preferences on a dating site, but here is the truth: when something is only a number on the computer screen, lots of people will say no. However, when she meets that person in real life, her height preference will go out of the window if she likes that guy in person.

Become a highly effective conversationalist.

I’ve written a large number of articles on this blog about how to be a wonderful conversationalist, so I’m not going to repeat that. Meanwhile, I am aware of the fact that many men have logical jobs; therefore, if you are an IT professional / statistician / medical doctor, you might not have many opportunities to practice your people skills. Yes, this is a big subject, yet here is a quick tip that will transform your soft skills: Be unique.

That is to say, you can stand out by being different. Don’t ask “How are you today?” Simply ask “How is life treating you after the long weekend?”

By the way, an effective communicator not only knows how to have a good conversation, but also understands the importance of fashion. This could sound a bit superficial, but style plays a key role in dating and relationships. Let me explain.

For a high-quality woman, her very first impression of your fashion could tell her if you are a member of the same social group / category as her. The basic principle is to wearing well fitted clothes. 😉

Are you a good storyteller?

The best way to never worry about running out of things to say on a date is to be an outstanding storyteller. 😊

First and foremost, you’ll need to start the story with an intriguing headline, e.g., “That reminds me of the day I accidentally discovered Elizabeth Gilbert’s non-fiction book….”

As a result, she knows the direction of your story and she looks forward to hearing it.

In the second place, your story can become more engaging by adding her to it. Here is how:

As you are telling an Eastern European woman a story, you suddenly say, “Have you had an experience like that before?” or “Have you seen something like that?”

Now she will find your story more relatable!

Next, describing sensory details is so key. By that I mean when you tell a story, you’d better mention how you were able to see the pink clouds in the sky / hear the sound of the ocean / smell the fresh flowers in the garden…. This gives your story good texture.

“Stories can fill conversation in a powerful way.”

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