How to build attraction with Ukrainian mail-order brides online

January 17, 2020 at 1.06pm by in Slavic Women
Ukrainian mail-order bride

So, you’ve started talking to a Ukrainian lady online, and you want to know how to build her attraction for you. You should totally take some notes right now.

Prepare your own mindset.

Many men have fear of rejection. It seems that fear of rejection is the biggest fear in dating these days; nonetheless, please don’t see rejection as a rejection of your personality or an attack on how desirable you are. There can be 100 reasons why a Ukrainian mail-order bride doesn’t respond to your message. Whenever you need to boost your confidence or hone your dating skills, you can come back to this blog where we share useful strategies and approaches in dating and relationships regularly.

With this mindset, isn’t it liberating?! Now you have a feeling of abundance because you are able to make the choices. All you are doing is giving her a chance to pay attention to you and click on your dating profile on the international dating site. By that I mean this is simply a way of giving her an opportunity to talk to you so that you will know whether she is what you are looking for or not.

Break rapport.

Usually, when you want somebody to like you, you possibly want to agree with them so that you won’t cause any discomfort. This is okay to some degree if you only want to find a new friend. However, this will not lead to uncontrollable attraction between a man and a woman.

Breaking rapport means you should feel free to disagree with a woman. No, it’s not about disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing. I mean you should show her that you have your own opinions and not everything she says will be right in your opinion.

Having said that, you shouldn’t be argumentative. Don’t go too far and become confrontational. What you need to do is to talk about your honest opinions in a relaxed manner. Let me give you an example:

HER: “I listened to Dita Von Teese’s album. I love her songs.”

YOU: “Oh, really? I’m not a fan of Dita Von Teese’s songs. I prefer songs who are sung by actual singers. I really like singers who can actually sing well. I look forward to Mariah Carey’s concert next year.”

Now you may wonder: Why would breaking rapport build attraction instantly? Shouldn’t we look for what we have in common?

The truth is it’s good to have things in common when they are actually things you have in common with someone, not because you agree with everything she says. Ukrainian mail-order brides are attracted to men who are honest, so if you have an honest disagreement with them, it tells them that you have standards and you won’t submit to whatever she says she likes.

In addition, when you actually find something in common with someone, it will make the emotional connection stronger as it will come from an authentic place. Ukrainian women secretly want a guy who challenges them to some extent, a man who brings new value to the table or provides a different viewpoint to look at this world. Disagreement is simply disagreement; it’s not an argument or a conflict.

How to get her attention and keep her attention:

Any line that begins with “So, I’m curious…” is a wonderful way to get a Ukrainian lady’s attention during a conversation. Her ears will immediately be switched on when you say this line as she wants to know what you are curious about NOW.

A great tip for making the conversation go deeper is to mention a feature about her and tell her what it says about her character. Of course, you have to make sure it is not offensive. For example, you can say, “So, I’m curious… My brother has a theory that women with beautiful nails are more feminine, while women who wear bracelets are less feminine. Do you think that theory is true or not?” (Of course, you say this to her when you notice that she has beautifully painted nails).

You don’t make a boring comment about her nails; instead, you give her an insight which makes her think and talk more. By the way, she might say, “I sometimes have beautifully painted nails and I also wear bracelets at the same time. What does that mean then?” Now you can say, “Oh, that’s a mystery which you don’t even want to know.” Surely, you say this in a playful way so that she knows you are joking.

Understand the importance of playfulness and humor in dating and relationships.

Men who have the most power and attractiveness are not those who look like James Bond. This may surprise you, but it’s a fact: Men who lack warmth are not popular in reality, although they might look great in movies.

Men with the real power and strength can put everybody around them at ease. They are leaders in the dynamics; they make women laugh for the right reasons. If you need some help, you can watch a comedy show every week and learn some techniques regarding playfulness and humor. Of course, you won’t become a clown, but you do need to add humor and playfulness to your interactions with Ukrainian women online.

Furthermore, when you are talking to a lady from Ukraine online, you should connect with her instead of interviewing her. You are looking for an emotional connection rather than a resume. Therefore, the first conversation with a Ukrainian mail-order bride shouldn’t be factual exchange for a job interview.

Resume facts won’t help you determine if she is the right woman or not. Yes, I acknowledge the fact that knowing she is a caring teacher of a primary school can be useful (and that could be true). Yet chances are you can find out this information on her dating profile anyway.

In other words, boring and dull factual exchanges shouldn’t happen in the first conversation with a Ukrainian woman online. Questions such as “What do you do?” and “Which city are you from?” give no opportunity for building attraction. These are unmotivating topics and won’t take you anywhere.

Apart from that, please don’t brag about things yourself, as this can also come across as having insecurities. You may have a hugely successful business or have a PhD; nevertheless, this isn’t the right words to say at the very beginning. Only people who lack internal value must use their material worth and / or financial status to compensate for a lack of character. As a matter of fact, relying on external indicators of value shows a man’s weakness. An intelligent woman will figure out this validation-seeking behavior quickly – this behavior is about taking rather than giving.

“Re-injecting a sense of playfulness and humor through the banter techniques that you have learned on this blog & enjoy the amazing and mind-blowing results that you deserve!”

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