How to Find Love in Record Time on an Eastern European Women Dating Site

Eastern European women dating website

Looking for love isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially in today’s day and age. But it can be done, as long as you know how to be more strategic in your online dating journey.😉

Send the right text messages to single women online.

Ideally, your text messages should be tailored / personalized according to the lady’s profile you’ve seen. Instead of sending a generic text message like “Hi, how are you?”, you should send something along the lines of, “I just noticed that you miss Savage Garden in the 90s. Frankly, I also miss them!”

Now the Eastern European lady can see you actually took some time to read her online dating profile and you share your emotions with her in a genuine way.

Truthfully, logicdoes not lead to attraction, whereas emotions change the game every single time.

So, this lady knows your message is worthy of a good reply. Incidentally, high-value women are popular, so they might receive many messages from men – they have options. I understand that sending specific text messages may take more time than sending copy-and-paste messages like “What’s up?”. Nevertheless, in order to maximize your success rate, you have to personalize each message you send to Eastern European women. That is to say, sending boring / generic messages might save some time in the short term, but that will surely waste more time in the long run.

Neediness is not attractive.

If your online dating profile indicates any neediness, single Eastern European women could smell that from many miles away. Therefore, you must remember that you are a high-value, alpha guy with abundance in your life. You don’t really need women; you want women! That’s why you must show your desire rather than your desperation. Just own your desire and be honest in your interactions with ladies on Eastern European women dating sites.

It’s your job to organize a trip and meet your lady in person.

You must avoid chatting with a person on the Internet for more than six months. It can be a waste of time. You have to talk to the lady you like via video or audio chat online and then figure out a way to meet her in person fast. In fact, Simply Dating can organize an international trip for you if you are keen to do that.

When you literally meet your lady in person, it’s perfectly okay to give her a genuine hug and a friendly kiss on the first date. In this way, you can set a flirty frame from the start, which makes the interaction much easier later.

On the first date, please avoid talking about conspiracy theories and politics. Most of these topics are not the most interesting things in the world and might lead to disagreements easily. Yet religions are probably fine as most Eastern European brides don’t really care which religion you believe in.

Never get drunk on the first date. A lot of Eastern European men are drunk and need to go to AA meetings. Consequently, many ladies in Eastern Europe are looking to marry western men. And you are not supposed to give her a negative impression on the first date.

Also, avoid talking about your personal issues such as family problems and money issues. These topics are negative, and you should avoid negativity on the first date, okay?

Only give her advice when she actually asks for your advice. And if you’re not really a funny man, please don’t try to be funny. Just relax and be who you really are. Every guy has his way to present himself on a first date. I know humorous guys look attractive, yet other guys have other wonderful traits and qualities as well. You should just cultivate your own special traits and qualities that women like.

Avoid bragging about yourself on the first date. Though I understand that you should show your high value and your pleasant personality on the first date, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to brag about yourself, okay? You may demonstrate your high value by mentioning your achievements in your career in a very casual and relaxed way. 😉

How to demonstrate the values that single Eastern European ladies find attractive:

If you are looking for a high-quality bride, you should become the right husbandthat she wants to marry. And the ideal way to achieve that is to show the values she actually finds attractive.

First and most importantly, you need to identify her values. For example, you can talk to her and discover her value system. If she likes animals, you can tell her a story regarding how much you like animals. Please don’t say “Oh, I also like animals.” Instead, you’d better show her how much you love animals by telling her an interesting story.

Some Eastern European brides prefer aggressive / assertive guys, whilst other women like passive guys that they could cuddle with. This is just the uncomfortable realism. You need to figure out which type this lady likes and project that image at her if you are sure she is the right woman for you.

Of course, you have to find out whether this lady is actually wife material or not. Not every woman is girlfriend / wife material. So, you may have to test the lady you are talking to by saying, “How many cigarettes do you need per day?” Or if you are on a date with her, you can ask her whether she would like a cigarette or not. Then you will immediately know whether she is wife material or not. Well, you know that’s just an example – I’m not saying smoking must be bad. But you’ve got the gist: knowing what you deserve is the prerequisite of actually getting what you deserve.

When you visit your lady in Eastern Europe, you should be generous on the date. Note that things are very cheap in most Eastern European countries, so if you are a guy from a western country, visiting Eastern Europe is very affordable, okay? And it’s definitely a good idea to pay on each date and take care of your Eastern European girlfriend. Being a true gentleman can’t be easier in Eastern Europe, okay? Please note that many Eastern European brides don’t need lots of their husbands’ energy and time – they are not high-maintenance women. Unlike western women who need a lot of their men’s energy and time, a lot of women from Eastern Europe are very cool people. I have an American friend whose wife is from russia. This American man runs a multi-million-dollar company and spends almost 90 hours at work each week. He hardly ever spends time with his wife. Yet their marriage is all right, for this American guy treats his russian wife extremely well in other ways. For example, twice a year they have a fantastic vacation in an exotic place. He buys her unique presents regularly.

“An Eastern European wife appreciates her husband’s effort.”

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