How to identify red flags in dating & have real motivation while looking for Ukraine women

May 30, 2022 at 10.51am by in Online Dating
Ukraine women

When you notice a red flag while dating a woman, never ignore it as at the very beginning of a romantic relationship, everyone is on their best behavior. That means it’s probably not going to get better. In this blog post, I’d like to show you how to identify red flags in dating quickly.

Signs that you are probably attracted to the wrong person:

Sign 1: She treats the waitress/waiter badly.

When you are sitting in a restaurant or a café with a woman, you must observe how she treats the waitress/waiter. Does she show any appreciation when things go pretty well? Does she show any respect when things go very wrong? If she doesn’t even respect the waitress/waiter, it usually means that’s her real attitude in general.

Sign 2: She is too busy to go out with you for dates.

If a woman is too busy to see you, she is the wrong person as the right person will find the time to date you because you are her priority!

Sign 3: She asks if you can lend her money.

If she wants to borrow money from you at the initial stage of a relationship, then you don’t have a relationship with her because she is using you rather than being in love with you.

Sign 4: She doesn’t have one close relationship in her life.

If she is not even close to her family and has no friend, perhaps she cannot handle an intimate relationship either.

Sign 5: She lies about very small things.

On Christmas Eve, you receive a gift from her.

When you ask this woman, “When did you buy this hat?”, she says, “Several days ago.”

Then you accidentally discover the receipt that literally says she bought the hat one hour before giving it to you.

Please note that if she lies about very small things, you mustn’t trust her when it comes to big things in life.

Sign 6: She is absent on holidays, weekends or Valentine’s Day.

If she can’t even spend holidays, weekends or Valentine’s Day with you, it probably means she is married.

Basically, if you see any of the above-mentioned signs, you have to acknowledge the red flag and end the relationship.

Ukraine women

How to find solid motivation when you are looking for Ukraine women:

British TV personality Matthew Hussey once said, “Ordinary things that are done consistently create extraordinary results.”

The most important keyword is consistently.

What leads to consistency? In truth, the best way to achieve ultimate consistency is to maintain real commitment. Are you able to ensure real commitment in your life?

Let’s say your rules for yourself are:

  1. Spend at least 30 minutes on a dating website every day;
  2. Get a new haircut every month.

This doesn’t really mean you must beat yourself up if you spent 29 minutes on a dating site yesterday or you forgot to get a new haircut last month. All you should do is to get back on the right track immediately because this is how commitment works in the real world.

By the way, there is nothing wrong with goal-setting, but goal-setting rarely works. Most people set several goals or write down New Year’s Resolutions every year, yet the majority of the population cannot stick to their new routines at the beginning of February, so they cannot achieve their goals. As a consequence, they simply set the same goals or write down the same New Year’s Resolutions the next year.

Here is why goal-setting generally doesn’t work at all: Goal-setting requires a tremendous amount of motivation. It’s not hard to be motivated on 2nd January; however, it’s quite hard to stay motivated on 2nd February.

But honestly, those who ask how to stay motivated are apparently asking the wrong question.

Here is a question for you: Why do you want to be motivated?

No one wants to be motivated for the sake of being motivated. On this website, every guy wants to be motivated as they are keen to find the right Ukraine woman. If you want your hopes and dreams to come true, please don’t look for motivation. You’d better focus on your new rules and consistency! Then you can allow life to naturally unfold right in front of you and your Ukraine woman.

“You cannot rely on motivation alone; you need consistency and new rules.”

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