Internet dating news: Physiology leads psychology

internet dating

Today I’d like to introduce a new theory in this blog post – physiology leads psychology. I’m sure this new idea will make your love life (including internet dating) better! 

  • How does this new concept work?

Let’s say you wake up in the morning and feel a bit sad for no reason. In this moment, you may try one (or all) of the following:

  1. Dance to the music for 10 minutes;
  2. Sing a happy song;
  3. Watch a funny YouTube video;
  4. Read a chapter of a motivational book;
  5. Call someone who has a good sense of humor;
  6. Wear an amazing outfit.

These will change how you feel, even though they aren’t direct solutions to your problem.

The first recommendation (dance to the music for 10 minutes) works best because research shows that when someone is dancing, they can’t cry at the same time as dancing and crying can’t co-exist – it’s physically impossible. Therefore, dance therapy is real.

Hence, why not create a playlist which includes all of your favorite songs and dance to the music every day?

When it comes to internet dating, physiology also leads psychology. Here are some typical examples:

A) If you give yourself a rule (e.g., you must start at least 3 conversations with new women on a dating site every day), you will definitely have options in your love life.

B) You work on your fitness and muscles each day, including going to the gym regularly. This will make you feel more masculine and look more attractive, thereby helping you to attract women on the dating website.

C) You start to flirt with everyone you meet. In this way, you practice your flirting skills frequently. As a result, when you go out for a date with the woman that you met online, you won’t feel nervous – you will know what to do and what to say to her.

internet dating
  • How this new idea can help you date and keep women:

When you go out for a date with a woman, you can also use this new theory to make the date more enjoyable. For example, you may take her to a park nearby and ask her to take off her shoes (you also take off your shoes). Then both of you walk on the grass without shoes. By doing this, you are changing her physiology: Because she is not wearing shoes, she feels closer to you – here is why – when a lot of people are at home, they don’t wear shoes. Thus, if she is not wearing shoes when she is on a date with you, she feels closer to you psychologically, i.e., she feels at home; she feels free; she feels relaxed. When she starts to have those positive and relaxing feelings and emotions, she trusts you more and likes you more.

Another example is taking your date to a shopping mall and ask for her opinion about furniture / kitchen utensils / clothes / etc. This makes her operate like your girlfriend, so this date facilitates the process for you.

Indeed, when we change our physiology and the environment we are in, we can easily change our psychology because what we are thinking about and what we feel could be strongly influenced by what we actually do!

Do you have any other ways to utilize this concept? If you have other ideas, please write a comment below and let us know. Thank you very much! 

“Internet dating becomes better when you are equipped with this new concept.”

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